Pierce The Veil

Four years. That’s how long we’ve had to wait for Pierce The Veil’s new album, Misadventures. An album that drove lead vocalist and guitarist, Vic Fuentes, to tears as the pressure for new material to be recorded and released built up. But this year we held on till May (see what I did there? Huh, huh? … Ok I’m sorry.) for its release but now the fans had something new to look forward to. Their Misadventures tour.

After being pumped up by opening acts Creeper and letlive. who are indeed much heavier than the actual headline act themselves, which resulted in a divided audience between those who could handle the madness and those who couldn’t, we were ready. In the time building up to show-time a projection curtain was dropped down for the intro video – a cartoon inspired by the album’s artwork of red illustrations that showed a rocket flying through space and avoiding knives, guns and lit matches until it crash landed in the UK.

The curtain dropped, revealing the ship’s crash-site in which members of Pierce The Veil emerged and went straight into Misadventures opening track Dive In. Following it up with Caraphernelia, Texas Is Forever and The Divine Zero showed how they wanted everyone to enjoy the new tracks while at the same time mixing in fan-favourite tracks and their biggest hits.

With the setlist following that theme, the evening, as a whole, was genuinely enjoyable. The band themselves; Vic, Jaime Preciado (bass), Tony Perry (guitar) and Mike Fuentes (drums), seemed to be loving every moment of it. From Vic enthusiastically getting the crowd to join in with the songs to Jaime, with a little audience encouragement, dabbing there was not one dull moment.

Other highlights of the evening was a lucky fan getting to go up onstage during Bulletproof Love in which Vic sang to her (*swoons*) the intro of Hell Above in which a large circle pit opened (one of many throughout the evening) and the heartfelt Hold On Till May being played before the encore. Honestly I enjoyed every minute of it all.

Their set was finished brilliantly with Circles and King For A Day which helped to confirm their position as being a unforgettable live band. Their live show matched with and helped to big up the already fantastic Misadventures and was certainly worth the long wait.

Pierce The Veil play at Download Festival next year, buy tickets here: http://downloadfestival.co.uk/


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