You Me At Six

After waiting a year for You Me At Six to rise from the dead, fans have finally got a new album to look forward to but until January 13th arrives they have a warm-up tour to enjoy. You Me At Six have always proclaimed Leeds as their second home and as the minutes tick by as stage time nears the crowd is buzzing and determined to fulfil their expectations.

Supporting act Vant, an upcoming rock band from London, were determined to spread their message of peace and got political with some of their songs topics revolving around global warming and immigration as a way to remind us that we’re all the same without being too “in-your-face”. They have a strong guitar sound and are worth checking out.

When the time came for You Me At Six to perform, all that can really be said is that they put on a world-class show. Opening with slow song ‘When We Were Younger’ and then going straight into the loud ‘Bite My Tongue’, they played a selection out of their catalogue of hits along with fan favourite tracks. As this was a warm-up for their upcoming album ‘Night People’ they treated the crowd to new songs; ‘Plus One’, ‘Swear’ and, to end the show with, the title track itself. It was also that day in which they achieved their 14th single to be featured on Radio 1’s A-list playlist so Josh Franscechi took the time to thank their loyal fanbase and reminded that the reason why their “shit” keeps being played “is because you want it”.

It can be real risk for a band to almost completely disappear for a year but for Josh, Max, Dan, Matt and Chris, it was obvious that they were missed and won’t be fully vanishing for a while. With a sneak preview of the material of the new album seen so far teamed up with Franceschi’s unmistakable vocals it’s obvious that ‘Night People’ is going to be a classic in years to come.