Simple Plan

This is the first gig that I have been to on my own and, whilst originally being nervous, a lot of things happened before and during the gig that put me at ease.

Now usually I hope to make friends with people while I’m queuing up and/or when I get into the venue but without someone being there with me I was convinced that I would end up being awkward and not speak to anyone. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not as shy as I originally thought I would be and over the course of the day I chatted to about six people in the queue and had a cute goodbye from one of them at the end of the night.

Another thing that I was surprised by was that the band themselves were hanging out with fans during the day. Like they were just walking around talking to fans and at one point chose four of them to do a video with, and at times were just wondering back and forth between the venue and the tour bus with the fans queuing up not freaking out when they appeared. I just loved the respect that they had for the band members and vice versa. On top of that I got pictures with Chuck and Jeff. I’m just gonna leave these here…

Simple Plan had two opening acts; London based pop-punk band, The Bottom Line and rock band Ghost Town from Los Angeles. The Bottom Line had a 30 minute set filled with loud, pounding songs that got the crowd buzzing, which also sold me based on how lead singer, Callum, crowd surfed on an inflatable, a cover of Wheatus’ classic ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ and all three members doing shots onstage. More maturer Ghost Town played a mix of songs from their three studio albums including the single ‘Spark’ which I have seen being played on Kerrang, certainly a band who I would recommend checking out.

Soon Simple Plan were onstage and everyone was buzzing. Now, as you may know from my previous post, the last gig I went to, The 1975, I had a horrible experience with the crowd (pushing, inconsiderate people, etc) so I was nervous about having a repeat of events. But yet the audience were so chilled, there was no pushing whatsoever, I was so surprised! Simple Plan are officially the most relaxed gig that I have ever been to.

Now I need to say one thing; Pierre Bouvier is one of the most cutest human beings I have ever seen. Like you know when you watch someone and you can just see that they’re having the time of their life? Yeah, that’s what I saw with Bouvier.

The gig was filled with classics, such as ‘I’m Just A Kid’, ‘Welcome To My Life’, ‘Shut Up’, and ‘Your Love Is A Lie’, along with recent hits ‘Boom!’, ‘Can’t Keep My Hands Off You’ and ‘Opinion Overload’. There were moments of humour, such as with the band’s tour crew doing a dance routine during a mash-up of ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, and banter between David and Pierre about each other’s family and longing to be raised British, along with moments of sweetness, such as with Pierre dedicating ‘The Rest Of Us’ to those who don’t feel like they fit in and telling everyone not to let anyone control your life when introducing ‘I Refuse’. While being quite cheesy at times, it was fun for everyone involved. Plus I held Bouvier’s hand during ‘Crazy’ (cue inner screaming).

They finished their set with ‘This Song Saved My Life’ a song written and dedicated to their fans and ‘Perfect’, a slow, sweet way to end the evening. And to make it better when I went to the merch stand I found that they were selling signed copies of recent album ‘Taking One For The Team’, AH!


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