The 1975

I have previously been to see The 1975 on two other occasions with the last time I had seen them was in Sheffield. At that gig the crowd was slightly inconsiderate of people around them in terms of pushing and let’s just say that this time round it was much worse. Now, I love The 1975, their music is interesting, covers a range of topics and there is an obvious growth in maturity and sound when you compare their two albums ‘The 1975’ and ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’. And having been treated to a small preview of the album on their last tour with ‘A Change Of Heart’ and ‘She’s American’ I was so looking forward to this show.

The opening act came in the form of The Japanese House, a, what has been described as, “alien-pop” project created by Buckinghamshire-born Amber Bain, who have previously been named the last of Zane Lowe’s hottest records before he had left Radio 1. I can only really describe them as being quite dreamy and trippy, like they were nice to listen to and were quite unique, but at the same time I wouldn’t say I was the sort of person that they would be aiming at. Yet I do recommend them if you enjoy mellowed out, dreamlike pop music.

Soon the wait began, at about 8:45 smoke started to slowly fill up the stage, a low humming was heard and the lights started to dim. Over the course of 15 minutes the humming began to get louder and louder until on the dot of 9 o’clock where it stopped altogether, the lights went off and the stage projections came on. Sure enough the screaming started and the opening notes of ‘I Like It When You Sleep…”s lead single ‘Love Me’ started to play.

But unfortunately this where things went downhill for me. The band themselves were amazing, the set was filled with a huge mix tracks from both albums, ranging from ‘Heart Out’, ‘Girls’ and ‘Robbers’ from their debut album, to newer tracks like ‘Ugh’, ‘Paris’ and ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Brain’, along with pretty visuals and Matty Healy’s stage presence.

However the same cannot be said for the crowd. Fans of The 1975 have a bit of a reputation for being quite inconsiderate at shows, and based from what I experience a few months ago at their Sheffield show I thought that would be the worst of it as it only lasted for about ten minutes or so and in fairness was more fun for the rest of the show. But for this gig it was a hell of a lot worse.

Of course there was pushing, which happens at most gigs to be fair so I can handle that. What I can’t handle is people pushing their arms against my face and head, being elbowed past and being pulled down. There was one point where I was stuck between two girls in front of me and two behind me who didn’t seem to care that I was there. Honestly it was like no one in that crowd knew how to behave at a gig, in fact I’m pretty sure that this was like the first concert for 90% of people around me.

This ruined the first half of the set for me but luckily I was pushed to the left hand side of the stage where it was a lot more relaxed and people were just as annoyed as me about how petty the crowd was. I had a better experience for the last half of the set in that area, so a quick tip for you, if you go and see The 1975 and you have standing, go to the left or right hand side of the stage as everyone in the centre will push and it is horrible.

For the encore The 1975 played ‘If I Believe You’, and three of their biggest tracks ‘Chocolate’, ‘The Sound’ and, to finish, ‘Sex’, which still remains one of my favourite songs to experience live.

I love The 1975 and will continue to see them live when I can but honestly to anyone here who is a fan of them and is going to/planning to see them live then please don’t be an idiot and be aware that there are others around you who want to have a good time. Don’t push and try and get to the front as it won’t work and you will come across as rude to everyone else. Just enjoy the fact that you’re there and don’t get hung up on not being front row.


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