Obama’s EU Opinions

During an interview last year in the UK, Barack Obama gave his opinion that the UK would be better off staying in the European Referendum.

The reasons being that he believed that the UK’s membership with the EU “gives us much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union”, and it is believed that during his upcoming visit to the UK, which most likely be his last visit as President of the United States, he will pass further comment on the Referendum.

However, the Major of London, Boris Johnson, has criticised  the President’s opinion in his daily column and has claimed it to be “outrageous hypocrisy” for him to intervene the EU referendum debate.

He wrote; “We will be informed by our most important ally that it is in our interests to stay in the EU, no matter how flawed we may feel that organisation to be. Never mind the loss of sovereignty; never mind the expense and the bureaucracy and the uncontrolled immigration…(the Americans are) urging us down a course they would never dream of going themselves”.

10 Downing Street think the opposite of Johnson’s viewed and believe it to be worth listening the opinions of international leaders and allies.

A spokesperson said “”These are people who wish Britain well and they are worth listening to.” Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond also commented that it was important the public knew how global powers such as the US and China felt.

I asked Olivia Sharp, from Leeds Trinity University Student Union, her opinions on Obama getting involved with the Referendum:


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