Sleeping With Sirens

So this will mark the first occasion that I have bought VIP for a gig, mainly due to other concerts I have attended were selling it for extortionate prices, it had sold out, or there there was no VIP to begin with. But with the upgrade being only an extra £30, along with my sister telling me that she bought hers in “panic”, I decided to for for it and buy it for me and my friend.

Arriving at the venue two and half hours early was a wise decision considering how packed it got in the half hour before people who had VIP were to go in, and the fact I got to be reunited and catch up with my internet friend was a bonus. The only downside of having to wait two and half hours before we went in was the fact that we had to wait outside in the heavy snow, soon turned rain, which was hell with the freezing cold temperatures and with how upon arrival me and my friend were covered in snow. Luckily though we were under a sheltered bit outside the building so it wasn’t too bad, and to be honest the experience we had upon entry made the whole situation worth it.

4 o’clock soon came and gradually everyone made their way inside and queued up by the photo-shoot set up in a atmosphere filled buzzing excitement. Whilst waiting about half an hour for Sleeping With Sirens to arrive my group and I made friends with a guy who had followed the whole of the band’s European tour by attending each show and buying VIP for every single one of them, which has resulted in them becoming friends and having the occasional jagerbomb together.

5 o’clock came and they arrived. There were only about ten people ahead of us in the queue and we watched in a mixture of excitement and nervousness fans meeting them as we mentally prepared ourselves for what we were going to say and do when it was our turn to meet them.

Now I know I may sound biased when I say this, but honestly Sleeping With Sirens are some of the most sweetest people I have ever met. I think it was slightly obvious that I was nervous to meet them but they made me feel very welcome and were nice and chatty when I talked to them, along the picture coming out as being really sweet. The VIP upgrade was completely worth it.

Now the gig itself. Typically I’m used to there being only one or two opening acts for artists I’ve been to see live, but this will be a rare occasion where I’ve experienced three support acts. So a summary of each of them. Beach Weather; a decent sounding band who had only just formed in the past couple of months. Whilst sounding good, they’re not the sort of band I’d have expected to have opened for Sleeping With Sirens, I’d have expected them to have opened for bands like The 1975 or Catfish and the Bottlemen. This Wild Life; a duo who consisted of a lead singer playing acoustic guitar and a guy who swapped between playing the bass and drums. Again, not the type of band I would have expected to have opened for Sleeping With Sirens, but yet I enjoyed them. They were really nice to listen to and I loved their slowed down cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Sleepwalking’. Go and check them out! As It Is; I was the only one in my group who hadn’t listened to them before, but by the end of their set I was just pleased to have witnessed them. Their 40 minute(!) set was filled with fast pop-punk tracks from their debut album and every member of the audience seemed to have the time of their lives. Only after the gig I found out that lead singer, Patty Walters, had done covers on YouTube and had done a few covers of Sleeping With Sirens’ songs, so I imagine that this tour must have been a dream come true for him. If any of you need to a new band to listen to, I seriously recommend As It Is.

Half an hour later and Sleeping With Sirens came onstage. Opening with ‘Don’t Say Anything’ their set was filled with classics like ‘Congratulations’ and ‘If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn’ along with newer songs from their recent album Madness including the fast paced lead single ‘Kick Me’, ‘Better Off Dead’ and ‘The Strays’ which Kellin Quinn dedicated to those who didn’t feel like they fitted in and added that there nothing sexier and cooler than guys and girls who have confidence in themselves. I need to say this now; Kellin Quinn is one of the most adorable people who I have seen live. Honestly, him running and bouncing around the stage made him come across as a small man-child who needs to be protected at all costs. By the way Kellin, I’m also sorry, but at the same not sorry, for laughing when you tripped over a wire. The only thing I would say though is that the sound system was rubbish that night, like I couldn’t hear Kellin at some points, which annoyed me so much. The night ended with a three song encore of ‘Do It Now, Remember It Later’, ‘Satellites’, and ‘If You Can’t Hang’. I don’t think there wasn’t anyone in the room who were screaming along to the lyrics. A great end to the day.

I’ve only become a fan of Sleeping With Sirens in the past few months and I’m so happy that I have had the opportunity to meet them and see them live. I’ll hopefully see you at Leeds Festival!


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