EU Referendum


So it’s official, the date for the UK to vote on whether we should stay or leave the European Union has been set. (23rd of June for those of you who don’t know.)

For many this has been a vote that they have been waiting for, but for others this is something that they feel to have little knowledge on for they remain unsure on as to whether it would be wiser to stay or leave the EU.

So why is the referendum happening? Originally there had previously been a vote to leave or stay in the European Union in 1975 shortly after the UK joined it 1973 with the result being to stay in. But, according to the BBC, there have been calls for another vote from both MPs and citizens after claims that the EU has changed over the years and is now controlling the aspects of daily lives as more countries join.

Why should we leave the EU? Some people are extremely critical in how the EU is run by a Brussels elite that runs on the idea of Europe running on the idea from a “blue print”. Those who wish to Brexit believe that the UK will be able to organise economic and social affairs spontaneously, not from a “deliberate design from the top down”, should be able to make its own decisions on immigration, are unhappy of the UK paying direct membership of £17.4 billion and believe membership to be undemocratic. In simple terms they believe that the UK is being held back by the EU.

Why should we stay in the EU? Some people believe that the UK is unable to work independently outside of the EU, in economic terms, and are concerned that the UK’s status in the world could be damaged and therefore it better to stay in the union. Being a part of the EU means that trade is easier, the flow of immigrants help to benefit the economy and helps to pay for public services.

Is it better to leave or to stay? That is up to your perspective, but regardless of the result of the referendum it is difficult to know of the official outcome of whether it will do bad or good for the UK. But the only thing I will say to those who will be voting; think and choose carefully.



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